Sensing intelligence beyond the field of view

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Intelligent mmWave Sensors



Detection and classification APIs for people and concealed items



Height, width, depth, and velocity of classified objects with MM-level resolution



Predict movements and events associated with detected and classified objects



Run on edge in real-time on Raspberry PI, Intel or NVIDIA devices



Run and stream to cloud for down stream analytics

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Intel Partnership

Qlairvoyance is excited to announce our partnership with Intel

Vision Summit
Embedded Vision Summit

Qlairvoyance selected as a finalist in the 2022 vision tank startup tank

What is mmWave radar?

mmWave (millimeter wave) is a special class of radar technology that uses short wavelength electromagnetic waves. By transmiting and capturing reflected electromagnetic wave signals, the system is able "sense" the world in 4D: determining the height, width, depth and velocity of objects. A mmWave system has the ability to detect objects and movements that are a fraction of a millimeter in size with great accuracy, while also penetrating drywall, cloth and plastic.